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Having spent many happy hours putting this website together, the one thing that gives me great pain and heartache is the fact we are still killing each other in the thousands, each and every day. Children and babies die in their thousands every day.

We fight over land, we fight over religion, we fight over oil. Do we not have any humanity or love left in our hearts for our brothers and sisters, forget creed and colour each of us is here for only a very short time, can we not share the Earth's limited reserves of food and resources with the needy and hungry.

It seems not, and then again we can do wonderful things for others perhaps there is hope for us all! This generation has perhaps seen more changes than any other and perhaps more than any future generation will see, by the late 19th century, new powers had arisen and became powerful rivals to the British Empire: the United States and Germany, both outstripped Britain economically, and in the case of Germany, became involved in a naval building race with Britain.

In the last decades of the 19th century and the first years of the 20th century, extensive thought was given to granting "home rule" to Ireland however a final decision on what policy to adopt had not been made when war broke out. In 1916, while World War I was still raging, Irish nationalists launched a rebellion against British rule in Ireland, seizing control of strategic points in Dublin. As for music we have seen more innovation and trends from 20s jazz to rock and blues to the new romantics and punk.

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